Project Feasibility Assessment

Pursuit of early stage renewable energy project developments is a high risk endeavour for any organisation.  To ultimately be successful requires years of commitment, with continually increasing sunk costs.  It is easy to pursue what may become the wrong opportunity when there is a swift change of political or market settings which can result in significant project delays and financial losses. 

Successful project developers continually understand the market, technology, political and financing environments, as well as the underlying project fundamentals.  Ongoing navigation through risks and strategic portfolio balancing ultimately results in the best outcomes.

CleanSight has extensive experience across areas such as renewable energy resources, technology developments, environment and planning, land security, community engagement, energy markets, financial markets, grid connection and policy areas, across wind farms, solar PV, solar thermal and biomass.  Combining this broad array of experience with sound ongoing feasibility assessments enables project developers to know they are making the optimum decisions through the development phase, optimising development returns. 

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